Violet Richardson Award

Ashlynn Fields-Clarkson is honored with the Violet Richardson Award because of her history of volunteer activism and her ability to identify problems in our community and attempt to solve them.

As a junior at Archbishop Ryan High School, she has embraced her school’s extracurricular activities with abandon. She is on staff of the school’s yearbook and newspaper; a member of the stage crew, pep band, and jazz band; and a key player on the softball team.

Outside of school, Clarkson’s efforts for others spread far and wide. Working with her church and community she helps provide special needs kids with special experiences such as proms, soccer games, and Christmas parties. As

part of the Urban Youth Academy Phillies softball team, she helps players with their practice catching and hitting skills and is a key volunteer for the Phillies Go Green Program. At the World Series games she helped collect recyclables so they wouldn’t land in the trash.  One of six family members at home, she helps her family thrive, even reaching out beyond her family to make sure her elderly neighbor does too.


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