Women Helping Women Award

At 17 years old, Mae Krier became a riveter on the B-17 and B-29 bombers Boeing built during World War II. Mae embodied the feminist icon “Rosie the Riveter” that came to represent the millions of patriotic women who worked in critical manufacturing jobs while men fought overseas.

That experience led Mae on a 40-year mission to have the role of these women in winning the war recognized. Just as her effort was about to pay off, our current war with the coronavirus pandemic began. At 94 and sheltering at home, Mae chose to sew red polka dot masks that would remind all of the dotted bandana-donned Rosie and her “We can do it!” message.

Last December, after an outpouring of mask requests and national attention, Mae realized her dream. The Congressional Gold Medal was awarded to all the Rosie’s of the era. Boeing also honored them by equipping their Starliner robot commander with a red polka dot bandana and mask for her upcoming trip to the International Space Station.

Mae Krier received this award because she is a woman who consistently and effectively uses her resources, talents and influence to help other women reach their full potential. She has used her influence and authority to open broader avenues of opportunities for women.

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