Dream It, Be It

We believe all girls have the power to grow up to be happy,
healthy adults who can live their dreams.

for girl power

We help girls 14 to 17 years old tap into their girl power and stay on track to realizing their dreams through the life-changing power of Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls.

While all girls face gender barriers as they follow their dreams, having the added burden of poverty, an unstable home, foster care or teen motherhood can stop a girl in her tracks on her path to a bright future.


    Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls gives a girl the role models, training and resources she needs to achieve her education and career goals, empowering her to take control of her future. After attending, she can also apply for a cash grant to be applied to education, career supplies or tuition.


    The topics of the innovative curriculum include identifying career opportunities, setting and achieving goals, and knowing how to turn setbacks or failures into successes. Mentors lead girls through simulation games, conversations about personal values and resilience, and activities to balance stress and identify action steps for realizing dreams.


    The design of the Dream It, Be It curriculum is based on rigorous research. The designers surveyed and interviewed hundreds of girls, sought the advice of experts on adolescent girls, and solicited input from Soroptimist trainers to ensure the program offers what girls want and need and can be successfully delivered.


    Ready to tap into girl power?
    All female students 14 to 17 are invited to register for the 2024 Dream It, Be It Girls Conference occurring Saturday, March 9, 2024. Attendees are limited to 40 students, so register now. Registration closes March 2, 2024.


    Any conference attendee may apply for a scholarship after becoming a high school senior. All eligible students will receive a link to the online application by email.

    90% of participants report feeling more confident
    about their future success!

    “It’s been really valuable to talk with others about how to navigate a career path in computer science—it’s a male-dominated field.”
    -- Mercedes
    “Using the SMART program, I developed quantifiable, measurable action steps that I can do each day or each week that will help me attain my career goal.”
    -- Keira
    “What stood out to me was two speakers who taught us different ways to cope with anxiety. I learned how to meditate and use different techniques to stay calm in stressful situations.” – Casey

    empower women and girls

    Helping them achieve their goals can change their lives.
    Investing in their dreams can change our world.