Along the Way is recognized for creating a pathway to financial stability for parents by filling a critical care gap through their high-quality system of childcare. Along the Way started providing free in-home childcare in 2016, serving low-income, single mother families.  Their theory was that by providing in-home childcare during nights and weekends, it would be possible for these women to readily find employment, or take classes to continue their education, and thus break the cycle of poverty. By providing support for this under-resourced population, they have seen 93% of the mothers served maintain stable employment.

Kristina Valdez, President and Chief Executive Officer, is a social worker and former single mother.  Kristina understands the challenges faced by women trying to provide a better future for their families.  She is committed to empowering all parents.  She has seen the difference it makes to communities by investing in families.

empower women and girls

Helping them achieve their goals can change their lives.
Investing in their dreams can change our world.