Foundations Community Partnership (FCP) was presented this award for its work in providing scholarships and grants in support of women and girls in Bucks County.

FCP is a non-profit, private grant-making foundation.  Since 2007, the foundation has provided grant making services, community education, service-learning internships, and scholarships that meet the needs of children, young adults, and families in Bucks County. They build partnerships that address community problems and develop creative

solutions that improve the quality of life for all. Their grants support large and small organizations that demonstrate innovative problem solving and a commitment to excellence.

Abigail Halloran, chair of the FCP board, accepted the Organization Advancing the Status of Women Award. She is the Divisional Director of Clinical Services for Universal Health Services, Inc.  We recently received an FCP grant of $3,000 in support of the Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls Conference (DIBI). Through our conference, girls learn about career opportunities, setting and achieving goals, overcoming obstacles to success, and moving forward after setbacks as well as how to become eligible to apply for the DIBI scholarship we fund.


empower women and girls

Helping them achieve their goals can change their lives.
Investing in their dreams can change our world.