education awards

The Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards program and Ginny Cooper Live Your Dream Award are unique education grants for women who provide the primary financial support for their families. These awards give women who have overcome incredible adversity cash grants so they can achieve their education and career goals while being present for their children.

three levels of awards

Each year, we select one woman or more to receive a local-level Live Your Dream: Education and Training Awards for Women grant in an amount up to $5,000. She is then eligible for regional and federation level grants which could add up to $16,000 in cash to offset educational costs such as tuition, books, childcare or transportation.


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Check all the eligibility and selection criteria online now. Prepare with videos that take you through each step of the application process.


Apply online from August 1 to November 15. Be sure to select our club: Soroptimist International of Indian Rock, Inc.

education transforms

Education holds the power to transform women’s lives, families and whole communities. 79% of Live Your Dream Awards recipients enter helping professions, such as nursing, legal and social work, with the intention of helping others improve their lives. When women help women the benefits are paid forward and positive changes ripple through communities.

Live Your Dream Awards recipients dream of having
a beneficial impact on the lives of others

“With a combination of my life experience and the solid education this award affords me, I will be able to help other people reclaim their dignity, their voice and their place in our society.”
-- Shannon
“By earning the nursing degree made possible with this grant, I can continue to work in drug and alcohol treatment, a field I love, and provide a good life for my daughter.”
-- Jenna
``With this award, I am able to complete my education in Criminal Justice and realize my dream of becoming a probation officer who can help people with addiction issues seek treatment.”
-- Jessica

empower women and girls

Helping them achieve their goals can change their lives.
Investing in their dreams can change our world.