Holiday Help

Many families throughout Bucks County approach the winter holiday season with dread, wondering how they will make this time special for their children when they are barely, if at all, able to support themselves. Holiday Help for Families is our effort to erase this dread.

“I want to thank you very much for being so giving to my family for Christmas! I truly feel blessed to have received this honor and to be able to provide my children with a joyful Christmas. Being able to provide presents under our tree was a burden lifted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am truly thankful for your kindness.”
Tamka, recipient

Each fall, we contact various community and social service agencies throughout Bucks County requesting information on families in need. The families chosen prepare a wish list for each child. Club members purchase and wrap the gifts, which are then sorted and delivered to the referring agencies for distribution to the families prior to the holiday. Our purpose is to spread the joy.

This one-time award cannot be given at the same time as our other awards. Candidates for this service are referred by our community and social service agency partners. Click the button below to reach a link to contact one of them.

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