Violet Richardson Award

In 2015, 11-year-old Madeline Hoffman put her sewing skills to work for Buddee Bags, her newly launched charity. Since then, she has donated hundreds of items including telemetry aprons, wheelchair and walker bags, pillows and baby articles to those who needed them. She never thought she would be the one benefiting from her donations but, she did benefit at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia while undergoing treatment for a serious medical event.

Once home, she rallied others around her cause and raised $4,000 to purchase toys and crafts for CHOP’s cardiac unit and to make even more useful items for its young patients.

From her life challenge, Madeline has found a future path in nursing and community service leadership. She is honored with this award because of her history of volunteer activism and her ability to identify a problem in our community and attempt to solve it.

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