A Year In Review May 2016

Nod To "Indian Rock" Our Club Name

President Kathy led our members in a celebration of all the many club accomplishments in 2015-2016.  Ouar new Board Members were installed and President Kathy presented this year's President's Awards.  Milestones recognition was given to:

5 Years: Mary Ellen Bornak, Marilyn Puchalski, and Terry Adams
10 years: Sandy Cumbo and Kathy Fitzgerald
15 Years: Ruthann Fulmor
20 Years: Patti Cullen, Janet Johnson, and Gail Mastropietro
25 Years: Carol Zemnick
30 Years; Carole Wanko
Special mention was made for those members with 30 or more years: Pat Malloy, Charlotte Walters, Chris Fluehr, and Nancy Kershaw