36th Annual Bucks County Women’s History Month Award

The Bucks County Women’s History Month Award has been presented for 36 years to a Bucks County woman who best exemplifies the social, intellectual, and creative contributions women have made to our future and the quality of life for Bucks County residents.  Soroptimist International of Indian Rock has participated as a sponsor of this award for the past 26 years.  Marne Kies Dietterich, Indian Rock 2011 Ruby Award winner and our nominee, is this year’s winner.  In 1995 Marne founded Wrapping Presence® and will be the recipient of the 36th annual award at a special reception to be held Thursday, March 23, 2017 at the James-Lorah Memorial Home Auditorium, 132 Main Street, Doylestown, PA.  Tours of the James‑Lorah House will be provided prior to the event.

If you are interested in attending, contact Marilyn Puchalski.


Marne Kies Dietterich was raised in Illinois.  She went on to earn a BS and 2 Masters degrees taking her to corners of the world working as an international adoption case worker with Pearl Buck’s Welcome House.  Marne married, settled in Solebury and raised two daughters, instilling the philosophy of service to others as a natural part of life. As the children left the nest, Marne continued reaching out to others.  Her humble hands have blessed many organizations in the community.

Marne remained faithful to her parents who eventually moved into a nursing home in Illinois. On a visit, Marne’s father did not want her purchasing a Christmas gift for him to give his wife of 52 years. He wanted to choose the gift himself.  A few years later, her mother shared a similar sentiment.  From this devotion Wrapping Presence® was cultivated. Marne started with one Doylestown nursing home and a small selection of gifts she had purchased. Residents had an opportunity to select gifts for loved ones, thereby regaining their sense of dignity and joy.

Twenty years later, Wrapping Presence® serves over 1000 residents living in 20 Delaware Valley nursing homes and VA facilities, and utilizes over 700 caring volunteers.  Thousands of gifts are donated annually with no cost to any resident or facility. The “Presence” abounds through the residents, their families, staff and volunteers alike creating a ripple effect of joy.  Marne is grateful to the Doylestown Presbyterian Church, “the mothership for Wrapping Presence”.  Her mantra gleaned from her boarding school days (The Masters School, Dobbs Ferry NY),   “Whatsoever Thy Hand Findeth To Do, ‘DO IT WITH THY MIGHT!’” brings the “Presence” to light.